The collaboration between Plan International Finland and Finnish pizza chain Kotipizza saw the Kotipizza Munkkiniemi restaurant’s usual workforce replaced by young girls.  Secret cameras captured the customers’ reactions, which ranged from surprise and concern to anger and horror, with one customer shouting in disgust at the manager’s use of child labour.

In all its horror, it’s an outstanding ad.
— Heidi Järvenpää, Facebook post


168 million children in the world are working instead of going to school. Restaurant chain Kotipizza allied with humanitarian organization Plan International Finland to fight against child labour. 

Everyone realises that child labour exists. The challenge is, to Finnish people, it feels distant. It's hard to feel strongly about something that's happening so far away.



For one day, we replaced the usual workforce of a Kotipizza restaurant with young girls. We filmed the unsuspecting customers with hidden cameras. The reactions ranged from surprise and concern to anger and horror.

The video of the stunt was published on World Day Against Child Labour.



On Kotipizza's and Plan's Facebook pages, the video was watched 508 000 times. The campaign gained a reach of 84 000 on Twitter.

People finally cared about the distant problem – and donated.



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