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between art and science

The Saastamoinen Foundation does amazing work in the fields of art and science. Yet, due to a lack of online presence, it was a well-kept secret. 

Our challenge was to tell the Saastamoinen Foundation story – where art and science meet is a place of exploration, and discovery – in a compelling and innovative way. The ultimate goal was not to promote Saastamoinen Foundation itself but to acknowledge its influence and contributions by highlighting the activities it funds through its partners.



As many foundation websites are traditional, the Saastamoinen Foundation website was to be nothing short of unforeseen - a modern and dynamic platform of inspiration. The creative concept – Between Art and Science – guides the design and visuality from the homepage through the entire website.

The foundation's partners were included in the content creation process as valued contributors.  In order to ensure agile collaboration, also after the launch, the website was built within a content management system that is easy to update and maintain.


We worked the design to express the duality between art and science: we wanted to define a style and a UX that would present the double nature of the foundation, and its heritage. We started thinking of art and science as two different worlds, planets, that collide one into the other generating a single entity. This became our homepage, where the user sees those two worlds colliding into a singular element, and defining the three main section of the navigation. Together with the photographer Kimmo Syväri we also created a series of images that would expand the meaning of the different section, while maintaining the focus on a central circular item. 

The whole site experience continues to suggest elements from the world of art and science such as the Golden Ratio, which can be found as menu icon, as well as into the proportion of the pages layouts.All the elements of the site break with the normal convention, inviting the user the multiple ways to navigate its content while discovering the different activities of the foundation.

By involving the partners in the content production, and displaying their images in some parts of the website, the Saastamoinen Foundation aims in authenticity and implementation of a true partnership. Yet, the singular element in each section brings coherence to the visuality.


The Explore gallery

The interactive Explore gallery features text and images seeming to float in the space. When a user clicks on an image, additional content about that item will be displayed. 



The experience has been developed so to maintain the same type of experience between any devices: we want to invite the users into this environment made of two different worlds and explore the great variety of activities that the foundation enables.


article pages

The content of the pages comes alive into the overview spaces where its images float with an organic feeling throughout the scrolling environment.



After the first launch in late December 2016, the website has had thousands of visitors. The numbers are still modest, but the feedback from the universities and art scene, as well as other stakeholders, has been excellent. During last year, the Saastamoinen Foundation has spent time working closer together with it's collaborating partners to improve the content production process. The next phase is to invite a larger audience to the website with PR and social media marketing. 





Planning & production: hasan & partners

Creative Alfonso Arbós

Account Director Päivi Holmqvist
Copy & Account Manager Karoliina Harjula

Content Development Dahn Kim
Web Development Perfect Fools, Stockholm
Producer Anna Nurkse

Photographer Kimmo Syväri


Client: Saastamoinen Foundation / Saastamoisen Säätiö