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Svenska Kulturfonden is a Finnish foundation with the mission to strengthen the culture and identity of the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland, by supporting education, arts and culture and social cohesion through non-profit organisations.

The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland was established in 1908, at a time in history, when the right of the Swedish-speaking population to use their own language and have their own culture, was threatened. Today, the foundation plays a bridging role in a bilingual society, and, through its work, wants to enhance the understanding of the value of living in a country with two languages.

The purpose of granting funds to individual artist, initiatives, groups and projects is to benefit, not only the primary beneficiaries, but the audience that gets to enjoy the results of their work as well. Every year, over 90% of Swedish-speaking Finns are reached by these grants in one way or another.



Times are a-changin’

Because of competing causes and changing donor behaviour, new sources of funds are on the decline. The hardening of the political climate has also reduced funding for Swedish-speaking services and initiatives in Finland. The increasing challenge to grab people's attention has led to a loss of audience awareness for Svenska Kulturfonden.

Brand awareness is declining (down from 33% to 31% over past years, especially among Millennials - TNS Säätiötutkimus 2016)

Traditionally, the foundation has been financed through private wills and other posthumous donations. Most of their annually contributed funding stems from donations received before the Second World War. New donations in the form of wills are on the decline.

Donors want to engage differently today. People want to interact with the causes they support. Increasingly, they want to be sure that their contribution makes a real difference. Additionally, they want to experience that difference. They want their actions to benefit the cause, not just their bank account.

Studies show that donors (regardless of age) experience greater personal fulfilment when their knowledge level of charitable giving is high.

The Brief (in brief)

Create and launch a new service & marketing concept for accepting smaller, targeted donations.

Svenska Kulturfonden aims to launch a new service that lets people give smaller, targeted donations and also participate in- and experience the change their contributions bring.

The main goal of the concept should be to keep the foundation relevant in the future.

The service is to include a feature for people to share their participation online and challenge their friends to do the same. While the reason for initiating this campaign is the new service, this case is as much an effort to increase the brand value and awareness.



I. We are rich. Kulturfonden has money.

There is a misconception that most current Swedish-speaking services are funded by public means, and the initiatives that are not are guaranteed funding from wealthy foundations like Svenska Kulturfonden.

People do not see Svenska Kulturfondens importance in preserving a language or maintaining a culture.

II. They are rich. Swedish-speaking-Finns have money.

The Swedish-speaking minority in Finland is perceived as financially well-of and not in need of external funding.

With so many competing causes, supporting Svenska Kulturfonden and its beneficiaries does not appear to be of urgent concern.

Why on earth should I donate money to Kulturfonden?


The discussion around the importance of the Swedish language in Finland tends to follow a standard formula: Some people see it as essential to our national culture, while others view it as a remnant of history that causes unnecessary problems and confusion. To avoid this tired approach we focus on a more universal truth; Your mother tongue is the language that dreams are made of.

Even if you know many languages, you are never as nuanced as when you express yourself in your own mother tongue. When the expression is not reflecting your inner voice, you rarely reach your full potential and the result is a paler, incomplete version of the real you.

Your mother tongue is the language of your inner voice, the sense of self:

To be who you are and no one else.


By focusing on the importance of mother tongue in general, instead of highlighting the position of the Swedish-speaking minority, we make the cause universal and easy to support.

We claim the platform from which to ask for donations by talking about the universal need for cultural exchange in ones own mother tongue. By creating a way for anyone to support our cause, we tap into the current philanthropic trend.

We communicate how language is connected to cultural identity, while reflecting the brands ethos: Kulturfonden. På Svenska. I Finland.


Manifesto film

The script is a manifesto and ode to the mother tongue, regardless of language or nationality. It is set in the beautiful, harmonic Finnish archipelago.

The manifesto is read by the people we see in the film. They are all Kulturfonden beneficiaries of who have received funding for various initiatives.

There is the troubling aspect of speaking underwater. The inability to freely express oneself, much as how the expression is distorted when not delivered in one's mother tongue.


online platform

The campaign got its own internet platform. In addition to the manifesto film, the mini website also includes additional content connected to the initiatives we are gathering funds towards.

The people we meet in the video act as ambassadors for the different causes we support.

The website also hosts the donation mechanism. The users are led through an intuitive donation funnel where they get to choose where their donation goes according to personal interests and preferences.




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