ADCE Awards & Festival identity

Art Directors Club Europe

Since 1990 ADCE has been celebrating the best in European creativity with its annual Awards & Festival events. This new, more controlled identity was created in order to restore a sense of prominence and structure, with a distinctive Identifier that can be used to develop personality year on year.  

What was the brief or problem that needed to be solved?

The Art Directors Club of Europe has been celebrating and supporting European creativity since 1990, their annual Awards is a prestigious event where only the best of the best work is eligible to enter. The past years branding and campaigning were done without any clear consistency, changing themes and styles from year to year. We were asked to bring some clarity and form a clear brand identity that would better reflect the prestige and distinction of the ADCE events.


Creative solution: 

Our solution was to first create a bold identifier that would become a recognisable symbol for all the events, better resembling something of status and weight and would act as a graphic that could grow and be used as device to explore themes in the future. This identifier would then be paired with a smarter grid and bolder typographic approach.




What is it and why you ended up to this solution? 

The Awards and Festival branding had always featured stars that seemed ubiquitous, this new identifier was inspired by the three dimensional form of the award and building from an A form, thus having more authority and prominence.

The new branding would be designed to a stricter grid system and limiting colours to black and white with a single bright accent colour being added for each year. The festival identity follows the same system but with the events yearly changing themes it is free to use identifier in more flexible way – this past years event explored the topic of creativity alongside artificial intelligence, we used algorithm-altered film footage to generate the motion graphics.